Nancy McGee

Expedition Lead and Photography Pro

Explorer and filmmaker Nancy McGee has lived a life of adventure and diversity. The Explorers Club recognized her with a Fellowship for her explorations, which include filming in locations so remote that local natives have never before seen Western people. Explorers Club Fellowship is the highest tier of explorers and reserved for those who have distinguished themselves by directly contributing to scientific knowledge in the field of geographical exploration or allied sciences. Such accomplishments usually are evidenced by scientific publications documenting fieldwork or explorations.

Nancy produces, edits and films her own documentaries with a unique historical spin on culture and the marine ecosystem. Her credits include NBC, Universal Studios and Discovery. She is a frequent contributor to dive journals and is a featured speaker and emcee for national and international shows, film festivals and schools. Nancy is a member of the Ocean Artists Society, Platinum Pro 5000, and an inductee to the Women Divers Hall of Fame. Recently, she became the first female Exosuit pilot, training in a state-of-the-art atmospheric diving suit. Nancy has achieved these many goals while at the same time working full time in public education, personally touching the lives of thousands of children.