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Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen, Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands

Join Blue Green Expeditions on an educational diving-oriented adventure to the Arctic Ocean around Spitsbergen. Dive, snorkel and cruise around massive icebergs, spot the endangered polar bear, and explore pristine polar landscapes. This will be an amazing expedition!

Malpelo – UNESCO World Heritage Site with Faith Ortins

Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary Malpelo Island

Malpelo is a remote volcanic island located over 300 miles off the coast of Columbia. It is the largest no fishing zone in the Eastern Tropical Pacific and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The deep water and various ocean currents make this the perfect place for an extraordinary shark population. It is widely acclaimed as one of the top diving sites in the world due to the large aggregates of sharks and pelagic species. Due to the strong ocean currents, this is a destination for experienced divers and all divers must have an Advanced Open Water certification, Nitrox certification and at least 50 logged dives. Massive schools of hammerhead and silky sharks are found here along with Galapagos, white tip, whale sharks, manta and eagle rays, free-swimming moray eels, as well as the reclusive small tooth sand tiger. If you are looking to dive with hundreds of hammerheads and silky sharks you want to join Blue Green Expeditions on this adventure!

God’s Pocket

God's Pocket

Blue Green Expeditions is headed to the best diving in British Columbia and in our opinion the best cold water diving in the world! We will be venturing to Gods Pocket dive resort! Diving God’s Pocket is pristine, remote diving with some of the most amazing scenery in the world. Here we will get to see giant pacific octopus, nudibranchs, wolf eels, rockfish, anemones, shrimp and all sorts of underwater marine life. This is one amazing trip that you don’t want to miss!

Forgotten Islands

Forgotten Islands, Indonesia , Indonesia

Join Blue Green Expeditions in Indonesian's Forgotten Islands stretching over 1000 km from Timor to West Papua, isolated and undeveloped. They offer incredible diving experiences with clear waters, diverse marine life, and breathtaking underwater landscapes. Limited tours during a narrow weather window make this a very special and RARE opportunity for divers.

St. Lucia 2024

St. Lucia , Saint Lucia

Join Blue Green Expeditions and the Women Divers Hall of Fame as we journey to one of the most beautiful resorts in the Caribbean, Anse Chastanet. This one of a kind hotel in St. Lucia is part of a designated marine reserve protecting miles of colorful coral reefs teeming with tropical fish. The resort is set up for both beach and boat dives. The reef's remarkable ecosystem offers an amazing profusion of unusual tropical marine life. Anse Chastanet Reef which is home to more than 150 different species of fish makes for an amazing dive day or night. In the shallow areas be sure to keep your eyes open for peacock flounders, octopus, needle fish and turtles. Or drop down a little deeper over dense coral growth to see puffers, moray eels, parrot fish, lobsters and even sea horses. A unique dive site for all abilities and especially good for macro photography. We hope you can join us!

In Search of Emperor Penguins 2024

Antarctica , Antarctica

Experience a bird’s-eye-view of Antarctica! Our helicopter capability on m/v Ortelius gives you the rare chance to see the famed emperor penguin rookery south of Snow Hill Island, numbering around 4,000 breeding pairs. Heavy ice may prevent entrance to this area from the Weddell Sea, and ice at the rookery itself might break up and start to melt earlier than expected. With this in mind, the aim is to stop the vessel between the Antarctic Sound and James Clark Ross Island, close to the ice edge, and find emperor penguins on their way to open water. The thrilling helicopter flights make this search possible, enabling you to land in locations otherwise inaccessible this early in the season. This is an incredible must-see event - come join us!!

Cuba 2024

Cuba , Cuba

Learn about Cuba’s unique marine environment during an Oceans for Youth Foundation People-to-People educational program. Citizens of the U.S. will fly into Havana where they will spend a full day meeting with scientists about Cuba’s marine parks. After two nights in Havana, transportation is provided to the southern town of Jucaro, where the Jardines Aggressor live aboard docks. Guests will depart for six days of scuba diving in the Gardens of the Queen (Jardines de la Reina) National Park, one of the oldest marine national parks in the world, located 60 miles off the southern coast. Biologists will host discussions and presentations covering many topics including: proper mooring procedures and installations, fish tagging, commercial fishing and other local environmental issues. Given governmental regulations contact Blue Green Expeditions directly to learn more and to register for this trip via info@bluegreenexpeditions.com.

Antarctica – Scotia Arc and Deep Weddell Sea

Antarctica , Antarctica

Join Blue Green Expeditions on an expansive voyage on the m/v Ortelius exploring one of the most remote, scenic, wildlife-filled regions on Earth: the great Weddell Sea. This amazing and unforgettable trip includes South Georgia - South Sandwich Islands - Neuschwabenland - Vahsel Bay - Larsen Ice Shelf – Paulet and Devil Island - Elephant Island, diving (and visiting) places few have been - and helicopters!

San Ignacio Lagoon Gray Whale Safari

Mexico , Mexico

Blue Green Expeditions and the Women Divers Hall of Fame are teaming up for an incredible glamping adventure in the San Ignacio Lagoon area. This incredible glamping expedition will include kayaking, hiking birding, and the potential of multiple daily encounters with Gray Whales!! Don't miss out on this adventure!


Tasmania, Australia Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Explore the wonders of down under as we explore one of the most remote parts of Australia, TASMANIA! Home of the Tasmanian Devil on land and amazingly rich marine life underwater such as weedy sea dragons, fur seals, fish covered wrecks and magnificent kelp forests. On land you can enjoy pristine national parks, incredible historical sites, beautiful hikes and diverse wildlife. Whether you love marine life, intricate caverns, caves, walls, canyons or shipwrecks, Tasmania has something for you!

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