February 2024 represents the 150th anniversary of the Challenger’s crossing of the southern polar circle. This anniversary is a perfect time to honor their contribution to our understanding of the world’s oceans while simultaneously exploring Antarctica.

The Expedition's Goals

Generate $150,000 in donations for organizations dedicated to developing interest in marine careers such as Our World Underwater Scholarship Society (OWUS) and the American Academy of Underwater Sciences Foundation (AAUS). These entities foster training and educational opportunities for young people interested in scientific pursuits as it relates to the ocean.

Contribute ~$22,000 to carbon offsets to minimize the environmental impact of the expedition’s carbon footprint.

Use the images/video from the professionals and data collected by the citizen scientists to develop multimedia educational tools across of a variety of platforms, including live streaming to classrooms.

Recognize the significance of Challenger’s contribution to oceanography and its relevance to today, especially as it relates to the study of climate change.

Bring imagemakers to Antarctica whose combined efforts will actively contribute to greater appreciation and understanding of the delicate Antarctic ecosystem.

Use the expertise of scientists onboard to explore new areas above and below the water with the assistance of citizen scientists. Projects include plankton tows, reef surveys of key indicator species, sample collections, and marine mammal ID.

Enjoy the travel, memories, and event of a lifetime.