Becky Schott

Expedition Lead and Photography Pro

Becky has always been attracted to water, but her curiosity about what lay beneath the waves became an obsession from a young age. She always knew documenting the underwater world is what she wanted to do. Becky is a 5 time Emmy-Award winning underwater cameraman, photographer and technical Diving Instructor whose work can be seen on major networks including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and The Travel Channel. She specializes in bringing back imagery from challenging aquatic environments from filming in caves, under ice, deep shipwrecks. Becky has over 23 years of diving experience and has enjoyed traveling and diving all over the planet from the Arctic to Antarctic. She’s a Technical diving instructor through TDI teaching Megalodon rebreathers all the way through trimix. Becky earned a degree from the University of Tampa in Journalism and actively writes for4 Dive Magazines and is published in several more annually. She’s participated in over a dozen expeditions that have earned her a place as a Fellow in the Explorers Club and in 2013 she was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame.  Her passion is diving, photography, and travel and sharing those adventures with like minded people.