Laurynn Evans on the 2018 Solomon Islands Women Diver Hall of Fame trip

A couple of nights ago, (after a day of outstanding diving in the Solomons), we were discussing that there’s a difference between being a person who dives and being a diver. I spent these past 2 weeks with 18 inspiring women DIVERS. These 18 women have accomplished things big and small in so many different ways and in so many places. Among our ranks were diving industry pros, broadcast producers, tech industry mavens, school leaders and teachers, independent consultants, and business owners (to name a few)… We had some genuine diving legends among our ranks. We also had moms and daughters, strong and fierce spirits, talents of all kinds, courageous new beginnings, and friendships ranging from newly forged to deep, lifetime friends. We had compassion beyond words and awe-inspiring generosity of spirit.

Yes, it was awesome to be a part of a groundbreaking all-women’s trip. But even more awesome is that despite having truly diverse backgrounds and lives, what unites us is that we are passionate DIVERS. Ladies, thanks for sharing your joy, your photos/videos, your challenges, your excitement, your experience, your dive tools and gear, 🙂 and most of all, thanks for sharing your unadulterated passion for diving. You are, each and every one of you, inspiring, beautiful, and amazing.

Tiwanda!!!!! Till we cross fins again…