Antarctica – 2024 – Shackleton

Antarctica , Antarctica

Join Faith Ortins from Blue Green Expeditions and polar diving specialists and photographers on an amazing expedition to Antarctica! We will honor Ernest Shackleton, the heroic polar explorer, by transiting the Scotia Arc including the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Islands (including Grytviken where he is buried), South Orkney Islands, Elephant Island, Detaillie Island, and, of course, Antarctica itself. This adventure focuses on exploring new territory as well as incredible animal interactions and dynamic ice conditions. This trip is perfect for those with a thirst for exploration as we venture to virgin dive sites, tour historic and current research stations and more while seeing the best Antarctica has to offer!

Antarctica Citizen Scientist Expedition

Antarctica , Antarctica

Join Faith Ortins and Blue Green Expeditions, other polar diving specialists, imagemakers, and scientists on an amazing citizen science expedition to Antarctica! February 2024 represents the 150th anniversary of the HMS Challenger’s crossing of the southern polar circle. This expedition is to honor their contribution to our understanding of the world’s oceans while simultaneously exploring Antarctica. This will be an incredible adventure! This expedition is much more than just a dive trip. Here we will pool our resources and time to assist scientists and imagemakers in adding to our understanding of the Antarctic region…as well as getting our own adventure – in Antarctica!

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