Antarctica Peninsula

Antarctica , Antarctica

Join Faith Ortins from Blue Green Expeditions and other polar diving specialists and photographers on an amazing expedition to Antarctica! We arrive February 5th in Ushuaia, Argentina for an overnight stay as well as a day tour of Tierra Del Fuego National Park before embarking on our journey aboard the majestic m/v Plancius to Antarctica. We will sail through the Drake Passage tracing the path of the early polar explorers who first braved these regions. Along the way, we will see Humpback and Minke whales breaching in the sea as well as albatrosses and many other birds that will accompany us on our journey. We will tour glaciers and icebergs on zodiac cruises exploring areas few people have ever seen before. Amongst the epic landscape of mammoth glaciers and wind carved snow live colonies of thousands of penguins nesting on these islands. Divers will experience the opportunity to swim with penguins and leopard seals as well as seeing the unique invertebrate life of Antarctica.

Antarctica – Scotia Arc and Deep Weddell Sea

Antarctica , Antarctica

Join Blue Green Expeditions on an expansive voyage on the m/v Ortelius exploring one of the most remote, scenic, wildlife-filled regions on Earth: the great Weddell Sea. This amazing and unforgettable trip includes South Georgia - South Sandwich Islands - Neuschwabenland - Vahsel Bay - Larsen Ice Shelf – Paulet and Devil Island - Elephant Island, diving (and visiting) places few have been - and helicopters!

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